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Ending Hunger in Chester County

Chester County is the wealthiest of all 67 counties in Pennsylvania, boasting a median annual household income well above the national average. But even here in our community, more than 25,000 residents struggle regularly with food insecurity and rely on food banks when it comes to family meal time. Even worse, 11,000 of these food challenged residents are children.

The Beaver Insurance Agency is launching an ongoing campaign to help provide consistent nourishment to families here in our community who are in desperate need of assistance.

Ambassadors for Hungry Families

The Beaver Insurance team is a committed member of the #AgentsofChange network, and we have recently taken on the duties of Regional Ambassador for hungry families. We will be working with local shelters, food banks, and school-based food provision programs to help ensure that everyone in our community is properly fed and no one goes to bed hungry.

This will require a great deal of effort, and if you’re reading this, we need your assistance.

Working Together to End Hunger

You can be part of this effort and it won’t cost you anything to do so. What we need is to share our program ideas with other local residents, so if you refer a friend or family member into our agency we can talk with them about the ongoing hunger problems here in Chester County. We will also provide them with a complimentary insurance appraisal, and then we will make a direct contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local initiative that helps provide food to hungry Pennsylvania residents.

We Hope You Join Us!

This is a chance for you to join us and be part of a long term effort to help provide for local families struggling with hunger. We hope you decide to be part of our team.


Larry Beaver

Beaver Insurance Agency

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