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Hurricane Insurance

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Understanding Hurricane Insurance


Hurricanes and tropical storms have an earned reputation for their potential to wreak physical (and financial) havoc on areas they hit. These severe weather events are quite uncommon in most parts of the country, but those who live outside of storm-prone regions should still carefully consider obtaining a hurricane insurance policy to protect their property. For those who live in states such as Louisiana and Florida, it’s really a no-brainer, frankly. This kind of coverage is often used in conjunction with other home or flood policies to provide better financial protection from these weather events.

Damage Covered by a Hurricane Policy

Most kinds of hurricane policies safeguard homeowners from the expenses associated with wind or hail caused by a storm. This includes damage to landscaping and exterior structures, as well as the interior and exterior of the home. It should be noted that most of these policies will not pay for any flooding or water damage, (flood insurance handles this), and claims are only considered legitimate if the storm was recognized as a hurricane or tropical storm by the appropriate weather authorities.

Thinking of Hurricane Coverage?

Since hurricane insurance is designed for specific classifications of tropical storms and hurricanes, it is most useful for residents in high-risk zones. Houses close to the coastline are more readily exposed to damaging winds than those further inland. Since policies generally compensate for outdoor damages, they are also very useful for homeowners who have external builds and landscaping features too.

Big Benefits

For many folks, this type of a policy can deliver on some serious peace of mind and financial security when utilized alongside other insurance policies. Due to the unpredictable and destructive nature of tropical storms, even those who live in areas that are only impacted by hurricanes once or twice a decade can derive a great deal of benefit from this coverage after just one storm.