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What Our Customers Say

“We have always had a great experience with you guys. Unfortunately, we have had a couple problems between a pipe breaking in our kitchen and our son having a serious car accident, and you were very helpful and quick with your response.”


“Like I am being taken care of. Could not be happier.”


“They have gone above and beyond in helping me stay on track with my insurances and are friendly and genuinely concerned with our well being.”


“I feel great with the experience. My needs are always met in a timely fashion.”


“Everything Went Perfect Getting The Car Insured, Glad I Could Help Getting The Registration Taken Care Of. Glad To Be Insured By Beaver Insurance. Thank You.”

Robert W.

“I added another car to our policy over the phone with Erin yesterday. She's an easy person to talk to and I always enjoy our chats even if it is about insurance!”


“Everyone in the office is great but Maryann is the very best.”


“Larry and his team have been lifesavers in helping us deal with 2 sons learning to drive, and then having the use of their own vehicle, and finally, giving us the best deal when the boys went away to college (or on 2 'round the world trips) that left their car at home for almost a year at a time. I have recommended them to all my friends who are staggering under high insurance rates for their teenage boys. We've also had excellent service throughout some "life glitches"...including having one of our cars stolen from a church parking lot. None of these things were our fault, and Larry took care of his end of things without giving us a difficult time or raising our rates. Our experience with this agency has been wonderful!”


“We have had absolutely no problems with the folks at this agency. Always have provided timely and friendly responses to any concerns we may have had over the many years we have partnered together. No complaints whatsoever. Great people.”